Friday, April 18, 2014

My Decadent Demon Review by Girly Girl Book Review

~Review by Sue Ellen~
What an amazing novel by these two authors. You wouldn't believe that these two have just started out by the way this novel is written. The plot and story line that has been created is amazing and is a quick read. The characters are well written and definitely not boring.  You have Seraphine who is an angel and represents everything that is good. While Cole, is a demon and is from the dark side. However, when these two collide there is a war of passion! Will Seraphine be able to keep her heart wrapped up this time or will Cole take possession of it? The scenes are very hot, and even though you may have questions it is left open for another one (which is out now too). This is only the beginning, looking forward to see what the future will have for us. If you like reading about angels and demons I would recommend giving this series a try.

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