Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reading Lark After Dark Review

The second installment in the My Demon trilogy is out, and what a fun ride! Cole and Seraphina are now on the run from the angels  and are forced to take refuge in hell. Hiding from her family is one thing, having Sera exposed to evil on a consistent basis is another. She is strong, but is she strong enough to resist the pull of evil she will now be surrounded by on a daily basis. Besides that, Cole’s demon is stronger there. He tends to come out at inopportune times and Sera learns much about him, but is it more than she bargained for?

I love Sera’s innocence and her wonder in all things. I also enjoyed her learning to come into her own. Sera discovers a wealth of strength when she needs it the most in dealing with Cole’s demon and his demon finds her intriguing. In fact, he sees her as a challenge, but one he wants to possess. Sera had me laughing and grinning when she challenged Cole in his demon form and brought him to his knees. The sex between the two is hot. I had to fan myself several times when they have a meeting of the minds and bodies.

The adventures they have as they try to gather the item they need to be able to hide from her family in plain sight are nothing short of hilarious and at the same time, dangerous. Sera is seemingly oblivious to the danger they face. One of my favorite scenes is right before they leave on their trek and Sera has carried in the large bags of items she is taking with her. She is loaded for bear, ready for anything. Cole forces her to narrow it down to one weapon, rather than the arsenal she has packed. Her frustration is a riot. 

At times I thought Sera was a little naïve, but that is her draw for me. She has so much to learn and she is determined to be independent, but at the same time, be Cole’s partner. I love that Cole, both the man and the demon, sees her as a strong woman, but also wants to care for her and provide for her.

The end of the book left me hanging and dying to know what happens next. I look forward to book three! 

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